Distributore di Moringa

Importiamo dall'India la Moringa nelle sue varie forme:

- Moringa in polvere

- Moringa foglie essiccate

- Semi di Moringa

- Olio di moringa

La moringa viene fornita con certificato SGS come moringa standard o certificato biologico.

moringa polvere di Moringa

semi di Moringa moringa Drum Packing

Clicca qui per vedere una raccolta video sulle proprietà della Moringa Oleifera

Morniga is cultivated in Hot and Humid atmospheric regions.


1) Moringa fresh pods :- The main use is for making various dishes depends on recipes of different countries. Various receipes can be found in link below


2) Morings seeds :- Moringa seeds are used for cultivation as well as extracting Moringa Oil (Called BEN OIL) for cosmetic and Pharma industries.  Moringa Seed Kurnel (Kurnel is obtained after breaking the shell of Moringa seeds) . This kurnel is used for eating purpose specaily in China as chinese people like to eat Moringa seed kurnel after frying in cooking. Moringa seed Powder is used for purification of Water and other various purposes .

3) Moringa leaves :- Moringa leaves are very nutritious . The dry Moringa leaves powder is used for making moringa capsules and other various purpose like Moringa Tea , spices etc.

The details benefits are found in link below 


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